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is an 18 year old from Raleigh, North Carolina. He has been producing on and off for about 4 years now. He grew up around parents that played alot of soul and Motown music, and his two brothers that introduced him to adult swim and toonami, through which he first heard music from nujabes and cowboy bebop jazz. He looks up to artists like J Dilla, Knxwledge, and Nujabes.


has consistently produced songs that send the listener into their most visceral emotions. Smeyeul’s ability has been effected by his love for hip hop and the lofi scene, molding his sounds with Inner Ocean Records. With his inaugural Dust Collectors single, “clouds,” in late 2018, we can be sure to expect his best work is yet to come.


is a 23 year old full time producer from North Carolina and a member of the DC family. He also is an exclusive clothing re-seller in addition to making music. He dropped his most recent project “Freedom of Speech” on 01.04.19.


is from the Atlanta area. He’s been obsessed with music for almost his whole life, and he finds inspiration in many different genres beyond just the few he produces. Big shout out to flylo and dj Harrison as Oxela’s huge influences

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We are a rapidly growing music and art collective that puts the artist first. We assist our artists with promotion, production and distribution as well as building their brand. The management team at Dust Collectors is composed of active producers who work with the artists in all aspects of the production process. We maintain an utmost level of respect and attention to detail with artists because we are run by artists.

At Dust Collectors we understand our niche. While we are always working on new and innovative concepts, Lofi Hip-Hop/closely-related experimental music is our core focus. Interestingly, Lofi Hip-Hop seems to subvert the traditional relationship between the artist and listener. With popular music today, the artist is at the forefront of the scene and the label is someplace in the background behind them. Lofi Hip-Hop is unique because the label takes a much more active role as curator, brand manager, promoter, and even personality. At Dust Collectors we appreciate these nuances of our industry and aim to expand our online platform with them in mind.

While we are composed of a core roster of Dust Collectors members, we allow art and music submissions from all who share our vision. In this way we are able to output the highest quality content and bring new artists and listeners/viewers together in the process. Our progressive business model thus fosters a strong sense of community and drives the music scene forward.

Our music can be found digitally on all nearly all popular streaming platforms and physical cassettes can be bought online. As Dust Collectors continues to experience success, we hope to expand our distribution network as well as diversify our online offerings (music, art, videos, interviews and other content).